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Dear Linda,
. . . The paintings are superb. Even the girl at the frame shop stopped to say wow and they see tons of art in there. I think you should put the higher resolution shots on your site so that when you roll over the paintings you can choose to pop up a box that makes them larger. I say you offer similar commissions for 2.5K ea. I think you can get it and I'll be happy to back that up. I appreciate all of your help and hard work and I'm your reference any time, anyone can call me any time.

Gary very very nice to be back in your fabulous studio with the elegant new deck! I am SO thrilled for you...bless your heart! It's a wonderful space which you so deserve! Yea...access to the pro stuff! What fun! Big bottles, full strength!

Today was great fun and a real treat...and I do thank you for oh-so-gently urging me to try the wax. It would take me so many years of practice to do the artful and minimalist splashings before I had anything graceful, but it was fun and I liked the going back and layering colors (see, I can't get away from detail!) Thank you for the fat pillow blank and I hate it that you have to steam all that wax out...yuck for your steamer.

Aside, as an experienced observer of teachers, you are so very very good at encouraging everyone, regardless of ability level, to produce as successful a piece as possible. You are patient, engaged, and spend the required time to get students off to a good start, as well as building confidence in their decisions and remedying problems without drama. You also offer multiple suggestions so that students have options. The most difficult classes to teach are those with students of widely varying skills and experience. All this requires the patience of a saint so that everyone feels successful. You earned an A for today's group...attendees were pleased and you upheld standards! Plus the studio wasn't too destroyed! Yea!

This was our Jan. art day! And it will be hard to top it!

Love and hugs,

Linda is an unassuming genius whose talent was nurtured at the Art Center College of Design, and her paintings on silk glow with beauty and reality.

I have studied with Linda for a year, and she has opened the door for a new world of expression for me, allowing me to use my imagination in a magical form. She has pushed me to be more . . .

Linda Weiss

I met Linda at the Topanga Canyon Studio Tour. At least 5 people throughout the day told me that the house/studio not to be missed was the Shangra-La hillside property belonging to Linda Bolhuis. I made sure to stop by and I wasn't disappointed.

Her house was all windows set in a magical garden on a hill with telepathic lizards everywhere welcoming me in. This is definitely the center of the Topanga Canyon energy vortex. The epicenter was naturally Linda herself. She has a way about her that makes you feel at ease. In fact just being in her presence is therapy in itself. I didn't know anything about silk painting except what I had seen on the clothes of upscale boutiques. Linda's silk paintings are actual paintings to be hung on a wall. The paintings are incredible. She is the master of color, light, form  and technique with the unique ability to capture that magical spirit of place.

Inspired, I signed up for a silk painting workshop. 1 day a week from 10am-2pm  I sat learning and painting under the guidance and encouragement of Linda in Shangra-La. The dreamy smile on my face would last the rest of the day. The tangible result of the workshop was really cool scarf I proudly wear around my neck almost every day. I cant wait to take another workshop!

Lisa Goldfarb


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